Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

Patent Docketing

IP Wagon’s Patent Docketing Services include keeping track of any procedures and deadlines that are related to the patent process. Such Docketing Services are of immense value proposition when the patent & trademark portfolio is huge. IP Wagon keeps track of all the pre-filing, post-filing and post-grant dates and deadlines associated with the client’s patents. The company has an extensively trained docketing team which is experienced in many of the common IP docketing and management systems.

IDS Generation

IP Wagon’s paralegal team is proficient in generating ADS/IDS using advanced software tools. We have worked on the FIP platform for our clients. All you need to send us is the references master list and we will generate the IDS in a format accepted by USPTO. Alternatively we can work with SB08 form for creating of IDS's based on the client's requirement.

Patent Illustrations

After working on various Patent Drafting cases with numerous attorneys worldwide, IP Wagon has observed that preparing the Patent Illustrations, although deemed one of the most important parts of the full specifications, is not their core expertise. To assist in such cases, IP Wagon includes IP-trained draftspersons who prepare illustrations by using CAD and other software tools.

IP Wagon has good experience of helping Clients with Patent Illustrations acceptable for patents being filed in US, Europe or India.

Patent Valuation

Patent Valuations are used to discover the value a patent can provide throughout its remaining years of enforcement.

IP Wagon’s Patent Valuation Service provides in-depth analysis to determine the value your patent can provide throughout its remaining years of enforceability. IP Wagon also performs patent valuations of pending patent applications, which can be useful for those looking to secure funding from venture capitalist and angels or for venture capitalist and angels who want to ensure the product they are funding has or will have market value.