Patent Licensing Services

Patent Licensing Services

Infringer Identification Searches

The search is focused on identifying products and/or technologies owned by potential licensee/infringer that are either infringing on client’s patent or might gain a competitive edge by adding the features of client’s invention.

Based on the experience of conducting numerous litigation support projects, IP Wagon has developed methodologies for conducting quick but comprehensive market research to identify companies/candidates who might be interested in licensing client’s technology.

Claim Charting/EoU Chart Preparation

Claim charts are prepared to determine and establish the extent of overlap between one or more claims of a patent and a product/technology. These claim charts are used by Patent Attorneys to prove infringement of the product/technology on the patent. IP Wagon’s team has a collective experience of preparing more than 1,400 claim charts related to Electronics, Computer Sciences, Embedded Systems, Communications, and Medical devices.

Patent Portfolio Mining

The process of identifying licensable patents from a set of patents is a process that requires in-depth technical skills, knowledge of market space and understanding of various objective parameters associated with patents. The mining might be required for the following purposes:

  • When a company plans to monetize its patent portfolio and need to prioritize the patents to focus on within their patent portfolio for commercialization
  • When a company plans to get rid of its non-performing patent assets so that they can save on maintenance/annuity fee payments, etc.
  • When a company plans to invest in patents and wants to shop for good patents available in the market spac

IP Wagon has an extensive experience of mining over 1000 licensable patents from over 100,000 patents and has in-depth technical and market expertise in a number of technology domains especially in mining licensable patents in hi-tech sectors including telecom, computers, networking, medical devices etc.

Claim Construction

The claim construction is a process of defining the scope of the claims in the light of specifications and file history. The claim construction is prepared in any of the following scenarios:

  • Defining the scope of claim infringement when a company is trying to monetize it patents by the way of licensing
  • In patent litigations to prove/disprove infringements
  • In patent valuations for sale/purchase of the patents
  • To valuate the intangible patent assets of a company during mergers/acquisitions

Clearance Searches

Clearance Searches help in identifying whether a product/service may possibly infringe an active/pending third-party patent right. Before the launch of a product in any jurisdiction, companies get a Freedom-to -Operate search conducted, for all the features of the product, to avoid any legal hassles of infringeme nt after the launch. Clearance searches are also known as Freedom-to-Operate Searches, FTO Searches, Inf ringement Searches and/or third-party IP Rights Searches.

IP Wagon has an experienced team having in-depth understanding of US and EP patent laws who assist our clients in claim construction.