Patent Litigation Services

Patent Litigation Support Services

Validity/Invalidity Searches

A validity search involves conducting a patent and non-patent literature search to identify prior art literature that might affect the validity of a granted patent. Such Projects are, generally, conducted to:

  • Early Case Assessment
  • Verify whether a patent, which one might be accused of infringing, is valid or not, OR
  • Check the validity of a competitor’s patent deemed strong, OR
  • Check the strength of one’s own patent

These searches are alternatively known as Invalidity/invalidation search, Opposition searches, Patent Strength Assessment Searches, etc.

IP Wagon's unparalleled searching skills and techniques have helped various clients around the globe. We believe in identifying even the most obscure prior arts with special emphasis on searching Non-US patents and Non-Patent Literatures which has been an integral part in our success.

Re-examinations Requests

These involve search and development of the prior art upon which a re-examination request can be made and preparation of the argument to be submitted to an examiner in support of “substantial new questions of patentability” (SNQs) and submitting a USPTO patent re-examination request.