IP Wagon believes in providing opportunities to researchers where they are appropriately rewarded for their hard work and knowledge. We invite researchers all over the world to become a part of our community and participate in our Patent Projects and help us contribute in improving the patent quality.

Our team will select researchers appropriate for a Patent Project based on the information you provide below in exchange for a guaranteed payment. So, we request you to provide the most accurate and exhaustive information possible.

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(For eg. Wireless communications, semiconductors etc.)

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In order to process payments, IP Wagon may ask you to provide necessary paperwork. If Researcher fails to comply with all requirements in the Researcher Agreement and IP Wagon Policies, or fails to provide any necessary paperwork to process payments, we reserve the right to discontinue a Researcher from participating in our Projects or withhold payments accrued while Researcher is out of compliance with our policies.

All payments shall be made net of any withholding or other similar taxes. If payment is required to be effected in another currency under applicable law, the payment amount shall be determined on the foreign exchange rate in effect on the date of the disbursement or as otherwise determined in our discretion. A Researcher's eligibility to receive payments of Rewards from us is conditioned upon compliance with the following requirements:

  • Providing any personal information, such as proof of nationality and residency, certification of date of birth.
  • Providing any tax information we require to enable compliance with our tax obligations.
  • For Indian citizens, personal account number (PAN) is required before processing any payments.
  • For non-Indian citizens, personal account number (PAN) is required and if not available, withholding tax will be deducted from the net payment.

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