Case Study

Case Study One

The Challenge

When a New York based law firm came to IP Wagon on behalf of their client, a top company in the electronic industry, they faced a daunting challenge. Their client had recently received three separate patent assertions.

“Time was of the essence,” the law firm team explained; their client only had “a week” in which to respond.

They had worked with IP Wagon on previous cases and was hopeful that the IP Wagon’s team of technology experts would again be able to provide successful results.

“We needed the best of the best. The best that could possibly be done was to hire IP Wagon.”

The Solution

The Client opted to utilize a unique combination of two IP Wagon’s team of technology experts and a team of researchers fluent in Japanese to fulfill their prior art search needs. The two teams utilized a total of eight technology experts focusing their efforts on specific requirements, and also to explore prior art references related to the more general claim elements. IP Wagon also offered the Expedited search option to better accommodate the Client’s limited timeframe. Combining two teams helped to provide a wealth of diversified references to the client within an expedited timeframe.

The Result

After beginning the projects, the client’s team noted that “references immediately started coming in over the next few days.” IP Wagon technology experts submitted patent references from both the US and from around the world, including Japan, China, Canada and Europe, in addition to submitting high-quality international non-patent references.

In this unique situation, “it was challenging to come up with new prior art,” the client’s team explained, “but IP Wagon did it.”

By the conclusion of the three searches, IP Wagon had uncovered a few pieces of what the client’s team referred to as “knock-out, killer prior art.”Moving forward, client described IP Wagon as “front and center in our minds” for future search needs and would “absolutely” be the team’s recommendation to others facing litigation. “Clearly IP Wagon paired nicely with us on the team for this victory,” they concluded.

Case Study Two


A company in the technology sector came to IP Wagon for guidance with their patent portfolio. For years, the company had not been focused on their patent assets. While the Client already had a few patents in their existing portfolio, they were now looking to aggressively grow their assets – both organically and through acquisition.


The Client opted to run a search with IP Wagon. Because they were specifi-cally searching for patents within a particular technology area, instead of conducting research on a defined patent, the search scope was limited to only patent literature.

Over the course of the two weeks, technology experts of IP Wagon found a variety of patent literature references. Researchers identified new keywords for the search, in addition to seeking unobvious patents and locating previously undiscovered patent references. The IP Wagon Delivery Team helped the Client to alter the submissions, selecting the highest quality results to pursue.


The project was very successful; overall, IP Wagon technology experts found 410 references to the project. From the submissions, the Client was able to determine 50 clients that had not been previously identified. Once the patent submissions were assessed, a number of patents were found to be on point with what the Client was looking to acquire for their portfolio growth.

The Client engaged with 40 different companies and received qualified interest from nine. They are now communicating with a short list of five companies. They are negotiating possible acquisitions for the patents uncovered by IP Wagon’s experts and are moving forward to successfully strengthen the assets in their patent portfolio.