Patent Analytics Services

Patent Analytics

Patent Landscapes/White Space Analysis

Through IP Wagon’s Intellectual Property derived technical and competitive insights, we help our clients in achieving the following objectives:

  • Idea generation.
  • Gathering knowhow during research and development.
  • Gathering knowhow during research and development.
  • Keeping track of what the competitors are up to
  • Analysing one's own portfolio to identify key patents and patents not central to core technologies
  • Understanding key trends in the market from an IP perspective

Landscape Analysis is also known as State-of-the-art search, Patent Analytics, Patent Mapping, etc.

Patent Portfolio Management

Patent Portfolio Analysis is carried out to catalog the patents of a company either in a spreadsheet or database form. IP Wagon analyses patents in detail to identify the claimed, double claimed and not-yet claimed subject matters along with a thorough analysis of the complete patent families, and legal status/prosecution history. Also, trend analysis to represent the research focus, patent filling pattern, key patents, key inventors, patent citation analysis, etc., is presented through easy to interpret graphs and charts.

Patent Valuation

Patent Valuations are used to discover the value a patent can provide throughout its remaining years of enforcement.

IP Wagon’s Patent Valuation Service provides in-depth analysis to determine the value your patent can provide throughout its remaining years of enforceability. IP Wagon also performs patent valuations of pending patent applications, which can be useful for those looking to secure funding from venture capitalist and angels or for venture capitalist and angels who want to ensure the product they are funding has or will have market value.

Patent Monitoring/Watch

Competitor’s Patent monitoring service is designed to keep our clients updated on the recent patent grants and/or publications belonging to a particular assignee/inventor in any of the 92 jurisdictions that IP Wagon covers. Similar service is also available to monitor patent gra nts and/or publications in the technological domain of client’s interest.

IP Wagon has mastered the art of watching patents for particular assignee with very high accuracy and comprehensiveness. The jurisdictions to be watched can be customized. We have the capability to conduct International Technology/Competition Patent Watch.