Patent Proscecution Services

Patent Proscecution Services

Novelty Searches

Novelty & Patentability Searches are conducted to determine if a particular invention meets the patentability criteria in terms of novelty and non-obviousness. Such Prior Art Searches are, generally, conducted before incurring any cost into drafting, filing and prosecution of a patent encompassing any invention. These searches are also known as Patent Protectability analysis, Patent Novelty Search, Pre-examination Search, Patentability Search etc.

Our Comprehensive Prior Art Search delivers the most in-depth results of relevant prior art which may postpone your application or affect your patentability. Each patent cited includes a relevancy analysis of why we feel the reference is similar to your invention. The analysis includes citations to specific areas of the patent, usually to the exact column and line number, which makes it very easy for you to identify relevant portions of prior art.

Patent Application Drafting

IP Wagon drafts patent applications (both provisional and non-provisional) in various domains including Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Mechanical, Medical Devices, Bio etc. to be filed with EPO, USPTO and Indian Patent Office under the able guidance of well qualified attorneys in Europe, US and India. If required, IP Wagon can also help clients in drafting only specific sections of the patent application like background, claims, description, etc.

Office Action Responses

An office action response includes both legal and technical arguments that should coexist harmoniously to rebut the rejections/objections raised in the office action. While legal arguments are based on one’s familiarity with patent laws and manuals, the technical arguments are based on technical understanding of the claimed invention and the cited art. In addition, understanding the examiners contention and appreciation of the claim element and cited art is imperative for drafting a response to office action.

Patent Proofreading

Patent examination is a critical process, and may involve word-by-word scrutiny of patent applications. This makes it absolutely essential to get the patent applications proof-read before filing them with the patent office. On the other side of the coin, various patents are filed without being proof-read. Such patents, once read thoroughly reveal loop holes, or inconsistencies, which may lead to their revocation post grant. IP Wagon provides proof-reading services to cater with both sides of the coin.

Accelerated Examination

IP Wagon provides a comprehensive Accelerated Examination Search which complies with the following requirements set forth by the USPTO:

  • An identification of the field of search by US class and subclass, as well as International class. For database searches, the search logic or chemical structure or sequence used as a query, the name of the file or files searches, the database service used, and the date of the search.
  • Our Accelerated Examination Search includes a complete search of US Patents and Applications, Foreign Patents, and Non-Patent Literature from a variety of technical journals and databases.
  • An identification of where each claim limitation in the patent application is found in the cited prior art references.
  • A detailed explanation of how each claim is patentable over the reference using relevancy interpretation.
  • A showing of support for each claim limitation in the specification and any parent application, including any means-plus-function limitations.
  • An identification of any cited references that may be disqualified as prior art under 35 U.S.C. 103(c).